Thursday, 26 February 2015

"I'll Smash Your Face In Now You F**king Prick" Guys Fight In London McDonalds [Video]

The weirdest thing about this video is that after the guy beats up the other guy and screams at the whole restaurant he goes to order food instead of worrying about the feds.

Drake Bigs Up Wiley, Skepta, Frisco, Devil Man & LOTM on Instagram [Video]

Drake once again shows love to UK artists with the Rapper taking to Instagram to acknowledge Wiley, Skepta, Frisco & DevilMan.

Kozzie 'Right Now' Video Shoot (BHTS) [Video]

Kozzie, Maxsta, Drifter, Kid Bookie, Reecy, SV and the man dem let us know what's popping with Kozzies new track Right Now, Artists taking more than one take, Flava D, Shit producers, MC's doing Dubstep, Chelsea, Football & more.

50 Shades Reenactment Lands This Guy In Jail For Sexual Assault [News]

"Mohammad Hossain, 19, is a student leader and athlete; he's also sitting in Cook County lockup on felony sex assault charges after what he says was a reenactment of a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, reports the Chicago Tribune. The alleged Saturday night rendezvous was with a fellow freshman with whom he'd previously been intimate but was not dating. Prosecutors say that after asking her to undress in his dorm room, he proceeded to tie her hands above her head to a bed with a belt, bind her legs with another belt, stuff her mouth with a tie, cover her eyes with a knit cap, and strike her repeatedly with another belt—even after the woman said "no," "stop," and "you're hurting me," according to the police report, via DNAInfo. The report further states that the woman tried to escape several times, but that Hossain held her down and sexually assaulted her.“

SK!TZ Beatz feat. Footsie & Johnny Dollar - Warrior [Official Video]

East London Grime production veteran Sk!tz Beatz is back for 2015 with a new track and stunning visuals to accompany Warriors which features Footsie and Johnny Dollar with both artists delivering over a solid instrumental by Sk!tz.

Porn Star Sona Muellerova Arrested After Police Chase Through Prague While High On Crystal Meth [Video]

Police in Prague have arrested adult film star Sona Muellerova after she allegedly led them on a high-speed chase through the city while high on crystal meth.

The 25-year-old Czech star, who also goes by the name of Laura Crystal, was reportedly handing over her license at a police station for driving with a suspension, when she suddenly hopped in her car and sped off. Police took off after her.

“At one point she was going at 136 mph and officers called in other cars for support,” a police spokesperson said, according to Daily Mail.

Police eventually caught up to Muellerova and took her back to the police station, where she reportedly tested positive for meth.

Muellerova, who was previously featured in an adult film as a detained prisoner, could face up to three years’ jail time.

Big Narstie Vs Viking & Gangsta Kid - Gas Pipe [Video]

Big Narstie x Show N Prove 'Gas Pipe' is out on I-tunes 28/2/2015

Twitter Responds To Kanye West's Grime Inspired Track 'All Day'

Kanye West's performance of his Grime inspired track All Day at last nights Brit awards with Boy Better Know, Krept & Konan, Novelist, Discarda, Fekky and more has been the subject of topic on Twitter and it has truly split peoples opinions with some thinking it was a good look for the Grime scene whilst others thinking quite differently.

What did you think?

Maxsta "When It Comes To Music, I'm A Savage" Interview (Part 1) [Video]

Maxsta discusses his views on the state of Grime, MC's sending, Grime Forum and why he's an antisocial person sometimes.

Kanye West Debuts New Grime Influenced Track 'All Day' At The Brit Awards With BBK & More [Video]

Kanye West performed at the Brit awards last night and the Rapper performed his latest new Grime inspired track All Day with memebers of the Grime scene including Boy Better Know, Novelist and Discarda with many more joining him on stage for the performance.