Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Bushkin Talks Peace, Love & Pum Pum + More With DJ Memzee [Mystic Radio]

Bushkin discusses his new event 'Female Shuffler' as well as managing to stay relevant in an ever changing industry & more.

Full DJ Memzee Showhttp://goo.gl/WTPev0 

Skrapz - Fire In The Booth Freestyle [Video]

While many UK Rappers have gotten themselves lost in the sauce or have failed to be embraced by the public North West London's Skrapz has continued to rise to the top and here in his Fire In The Booth Freestyle for Charlie Sloth he gives you another reason why the Ice City representative's skill set can't be hated on.

Stormin Talks Best Types Of Weed & More w/ DJ Memzee & Edski [Video]

Stormin gets put under the spotlight by DJ Memzee & Edski discussing his forthcoming mixtape 'Strains' his favourite type of Ganja, staying so prolific & Much more (part 2 coming soon).
Full DJ Memzee Show : http://goo.gl/WTPev0 

Mike GLC - My Little Sister (Trailer) [Video]

I'm not entirely sure whether this is a forthcoming Mini movie or music video or both but I do know Mike GLC has waited gracefully to tell his side of the story and hopefully the world will get a chance to hear him out as well as learn from the cautionary tale of deceit and the lack of loyalty he has received from former N Dubz singer and X Factor judge Tulisa whom he once considered his little Sister.

Genesis Elijah - Fire In The Streets Freestyle [Video]

Genesis Elijah is one of the UK Rap scene's best kept secrets and while he might not be all over the place he make's up for it with nothing but the hardest lyricism & wordplay putting many a UK Rapper to shame.
Look out for more from Genesis Elijah coming soon.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Chronik Responds To Young Thug's 'Suspect' Behaviour [Video]

I made Chronik watch the latest US Hip Hop sensation Young Thug who dresses extra fruity & suspect. 

#BDL Cypher (Northampton) Big Narstie, Villain, Typah, Izzie Gibbs, Smokey Roomz & More [Video]

#BDL Cypher - Northampton ft Big Narstie, Villain, Typah, Izzie Gibbs (Northampton), Smokey Roomz (Sheffield), Medlie (Sheffield), Merkz (Rascals), Jamakabi, Rawz (Northampton)
Filmed And Edited by TMI productions. 

Dialect Vs Eyez - Don't Flop Grime Clash [Video]

Dialect Vs Eyez is the latest in Don't Flops latest series of Grime clashes inspired by Lord Of The Mics and they've actually got it right this time with Leed's representative Dialect and Bristol's Eyez going INNNN on each other with some solid bars.

Friday, 17 October 2014

#SixtyMinutesLive - So Solid, Pay As You Go & Heartless

So Solid, Pay As You Go, Heartless, General Levy & Sweetie Irie do another legendary #SixtyMinutesLive for MistaJam's BBC Radio 1Xtra Show.

Stormin - Big Boy Ting Freestyle [Music Video]

Stormin has just released this visual for his latest Drum & Bass Freestyle entitled BIG BOY TING.
Look out for Stormins forthcoming release Strains which will be out exclusively on The Grime Report.